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Concerned about whether an HSA meets your needs and your budget? Use this user-friendly financial calculator to help you analyze what's best for you. We've even included an example, but you can personalize the calculator with your data. It's simple! Just fill in the appropriate information and click submit. The calculator will compare a traditional health insurance policy with your HSA Plan and give you several different views on cost and savings. It will also give you a report with suggestions on the most profitable decision you can make regarding your healthcare insurance program. As with every Simplicity Health Plans program, your data is encrypted, confidential and for your eyes only!
So go ahead, give it a try!

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(?) = What's This Traditional Health Insurance Plan High Deductible Health Plan with a HSA
1.  Annual amount you contribute now or intend to contribute (?)
2.  Annual employer contributions to your account (?)
3.  Annual deductible (?)
4.  Co-insurance percent (%) (?)
5.  Maximum out-of-pocket amount (?)
6.  Number of prescriptions per year (?)
7.  Number of doctor visits per year (?)
8.  Do you pay a co-pay for prescriptions and/or visits (?)
9.  Your IRS income tax rate (?)
10.  Your State income tax rate (?)
11.  Interest rate on HSA savings (default 3%) (?)
12.  Number of years before retirement with health insurance (?)
13.  Average medical expenses per year (?)

   A. National Average of $700/yr $700
   B. Use #6 and #7 above to calculate my average Use #6 & #7
   C. Use my own estimate My Estimate


The results of this calculator are based on certain assumptions that may or may not be accurate for your specific needs. Please consult a professional, qualified investment counselor for all of your important financial decisions. You should not rely solely on this calculator to make any investment decision. The rough estimates generated by this calculator merely compare the benefits of a traditional health plan with a consumer directed, high deducutible health plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) for a given set of data.

Calculator Assumptions

  1. The Average Medical Costs per covered member in the United State is about $700
  2. Federal legislation provides for an increase in the maximum yearly HSA contribution by the yearly (CPI), the Consumer Price Index; for these calculations a constant 3%
  3. Cost of an average visit to the Doctor's Office: $100
  4. Average "co-pay" for a Doctor's Office Visit: $25
  5. Average "co-pay" for Prescription Drugs: $20
  6. Average cost per Prescription: $50
  7. Savings compound yearly (savings may actually compound monthly which would increase the tax free interest)
  8. Care is provided by "in-network" providers
  9. Health Insurance Premiums to increase 6% per year (which is significantly less than the 10-17% increases experienced in the United States over the last 15 years)
  10. 55 & over "Catch-up" contributions @ $1,000 for 2012 and after
  11. HSA Maximum contribution: $3,650 (Single); $7,300 (Family);
    plus "Catch-up" ages 55+ (above)


  1. If you have a % "co-pay" on a traditional plan, you will even save more than shown.
  2. Pharmacy & qualified medical expenses "in-network" are paid 100% of allowed amount after deductible is met with a high deductible HSA plan
  3. Depending on your tax bracket, HSA contributions can reduce your income taxes (today's rates) anywhere from $380 - $1,330 (single); and $670 - $2,345 (family) each year at today's rates. That's money in the bank!
  4. An HSA account is your money to spend on qualified medical expenses as you see fit.
  5. HSA savings carry over from year to year and accumulate interest, sometimes at rates higher than 3%
  6. According to research conducted by McKinsey & Co.,
    • People with a HDHP HSA are more value conscious and attentive to wellness and prevention
    • 50% more likely to ask about costs
    • 3 times more likely to choose less expensive options
    • 25% more likely to engage in healthy behaviors
    • 30% more likely to get an annual exam
    • 20% more likely to comply with treatment regimens
  7. Over time, you can build a medical retirement account of several thousand dollars; perhaps several hundred thousand dollars! And the HSA funds are yours to keep. They grow with tax free interest! Upon retirement, at age 65, your HSA savings can be withdrawn without penalty for any reason.

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