• To eliminate bloated and unnecessary costs in the healthcare system;
  • To eliminate the frustration and confusion of the paper nightmare associated with traditional insurance transactions;
  • To save costs and redistribute healthcare dollars to Members, Employers & Providers; and
  • To become the national standard for a consumer-driven healthcare system that empowers our Members with the tools necessary to live healthier, happier and wealthier lifestyles.


To offer Simplicity Health Plan Members an elite package of integrated, consumer-driven health plan tools that empower them to become responsible, health conscious and cost-driven consumers in the healthcare industry. The Plan includes:
  • Real-time, transparent information sharing between Members, Employers, Healthcare Partners & Providers
  • Member on-line, real-time, user-friendly data access on all transactions
  • Direct deposits for Members and Providers
  • Easy, paperless, no-hassle bill and payment processing that eliminate insurance forms and delays
  • On-line Member payment approval & denial of bill line items
  • Automated withdrawals for Members and Employers
  • Member H S A overdraft protection with an integrated Employer line-of-credit
  • Simple H S A account management
  • Cost efficient, paperless transactions that eliminate snail mail & excessive administrative costs
  • Real-time integration of all Member Services with Providers and Healthcare Partners
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-access consumer information on providers & pharmacy
  • Real-time personal health data storage & review for personal health management
  • Stay Fit programs that reward healthy lifestyles
  • Personal health coaching with Disease management