Simplicity Health Plans Group Health Member Registration

This registration page is only to be used by Covered Member Employees of Employers using a Simplicity Health Plans Group Health Plan. All attached dependent information will be accessed from the Covered Members login.

Please complete the information below. Your User Name must be at least 5 characters long. Please register the covered Member name only, exactly as it appears on your Member ID card. Also, enter the Member ID# and Company ID# that appear on your Member ID card in the fields below. Enter the Temporary PIN number, which is the last four digits of the covered member social security number, in the box marked: Enter Your Temporary PIN #. PLEASE KEEP YOUR NEW PIN NUMBER PRIVATE. Simplicity Health Plans will never ask you for your PIN number. This is intended to protect you and your employer from Health Care Fraud. Once registered you can enter your new Username and Password on the home page in the Log-In box.

IMPORTANT! PROVIDER BILLING INSTRUCTIONS: Please give your provider the billing instruction brochure called, Prompt Pay is NOW so Simple, which you received in your New Member Packet. If you do not have it, you can download the instructions right now by clicking HERE. You can then print the displayed PDF or send it electronically to your provider. It can also be accessed along the top navigation bar by clicking "Provider Brochure". Informing your provider to use the Simplicity online payment system will save you and your provider money and eliminate ALL of the unnecessary paper. Please complete your registration below and use this website to your advantage. Thank you for allowing Simplicity Health Plans to serve you.

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